Birthday Wishes To India’s first practising lady doctor : Rakhmabai Bhikaji


Navi Mumbai(22nd Nov 2017): Dr Rakhmabai Bhikaji, or Rukhmabai, was India’s initially honing woman specialist amid the frontier times. She was among those ladies, who broke the boundaries and went to London to think about.

Taking her introduction to the world commemoration as a chance to review her accomplishments.Not only was she a specialist as well as emphatically trusted in ladies rights when ladies were mistreated.

Rukhmabai was conceived in 1864 and she was one of the key explanations behind India to raise the time of assent for ladies in 1891.

Rukhmabai was hitched when she was 11 years of age, be that as it may, she didn’t give her marriage a chance to prevent her from satisfying her fantasy of teaching herself. In spite of her significant other, Dadaji Bhikaji, driving her to live with him while she was still in school, she can’t.

Her better half recorded an appeal to and prosecuted her, where she was given two alternatives — either to follow his desires or to go to imprison — and she went to imprison. The court case caused destruction at first and went on for a long time. Be that as it may, in the end, her case assumed a noteworthy part in expanding a lady’s period of assent for sex.

The Age of Consent Act 1891, raised the period of assent for sex with young ladies from 10 to 12. The demonstration was realized as kid marriage was a pervasive social malevolence those days.

Stuck in a court case, Rukhmabai would vent through composing. She kept in touch with the Times of India without uncovering her name. She utilized the nom de plume, ‘Hindu Lady’, to expound on her sentiments and how it resembles to be a lady living in the Hindu Society.After that her letters went viral around all over the world.

The court cases at last arrived at an end in 1888 and now she was allowed to seek after her training. Under the direction of the then Cama Hospital British Director Edith Pechey Phipson, Rukhmabai went to the London School of Medicine for Women in 1881 and proceeded with her examinations till 1894. She at that point honed drug in India and came back from Britain.

Playing a major role in raising the age of consent and further becoming a doctor to serve the society, Rukhmabai is remembered today for her courage and making an impact.


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