The Ajanta caves found in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra state of India in 2nd century of Buddhist.It is at distance of 99km form Aurangabad district of Maharashtra.The entire part of evaluation of Buddhist architecture can be seen in Ajanta.This Buddhist cave monuments includes paintings and sculptures of Buddhist religion art.Ajanta cave are famous for their temples and monasteries with their beautiful wall paintings.It is greatest historical place recognised by UNESCO.


More than 100 Buddhist caves,the Ellora caves are more popular for wooded hills and valleys found in 1st Century.The area around Kamheri Caves is so green and surrounding of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park,Borivali in Mumbai.Kanheri known as Krishnagiri or Kanhagiri took from Sanskrit language.This cave is famous for momonasteries,devoid of decoration,simple living and stydying with single or multiple cell.The architecture of this cave are finest in India.


Elephanta Caves are designed by sculpted caves.It is located on Elephanta island which is 11km from Mumbai,Maharashtra.This cave has two groups of caves that is Buddhist caves and Hindu caves.There are temple of Hindu  God,Lord Shiva.It is famous for their beautiful carvings,sculptures and temple of lord shiva.The architecture of this caves has been completed  between 5th and 8th centuries.This cave was hindu place of worship.


Bhaja and Karla caves are founded in 1st and 2nd century from the times of Hinanya of Buddhism phase.It is Located in pune,near Lonavala ,Maharashtra.The cave consist the number of stupasof their significant features.The caves are notable for their wooden architecture.The carvings of the cave prove that there was tabla-a musical instrument used in India.Also carvings shows that some woman are playing table and dancing on their music.


The Aurangabad caverns are twelve shake cut Buddhist holy places situated on a slope running generally east to west, near the city of Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The primary reference to the Aurangabad Caves is in the considerable chaitya of Kanheri Caves. The Aurangabad Caves were uncovered from underneath similarly delicate basalt shake amid the sixth and seventh century. The caverns are isolated into three separate gatherings relying upon their location.The carvings at the Aurangabad Caves are remarkable for including Hinayana style stupa, Mahayana fine art and Vajrayana goddesses.



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