Why Work-Life Balance is Bullshit?????


Over the Years,People are still  trying to pursue relentlessly this thing they call “WORK LIFE BALANCE”.For me,it’s a phrase that conjures up an image of balancing on a tight rope,with work on one side and life on other side,trying not to fall and fail.

According to  me,the concept of work/life balance is bullshit.that totally impact on us and we come up with the two things is negative and positive.We need to balance it with the other.

But work and life are not two different thing.They are the same.It is our job that how can handle these things very strongly.Work is a part of life,it’s not competing against it.There is only one thing ,it’s called LIFE.

If you want balance,you don’t want riches.I belive that work is the only reason why we get up in the morning to start a day with fresh new task.Everyday we get involveld in different things and tackle With that.Our family,friends are important.But work is the main reason that gives you a actual identity that who you are and why should people know/remember you?

I strongly belive that every person can make a living doing something they love.it’s more of a mindset to become happy with your work.Not just like just do your work just because that assigned you and at the end of the day you feel like finally I have completed one day.

Because ultimately,it’s only “work” if you love doing what you do,it doesn’t feel like work.And yes,in between you have to balance all other things your family,friends and most important youself.For that you can’t just eat only others mind.(trust me,from my experience)

“Some people live where they work.

Others just visit.”

-Seanan McGuire

What if….instead of work-life balance programs,we started teaching people and teaching organisations how to put people on their job very efficiently and where they can do what they love.Where they can enjoy their work,can do the things that come naturally.Where they can do the things that make them FEEL GOOD!!!!!!!


I Love All days …….


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