In this hot glazing summer a refreshing drink is a must and should be taken so to get energized and fresh. And this Minty lemonade  is an ideal and best summer health drink recipe you all should try. Beat summer with this Minty lemonade, a minty favored nimbu Pani.

It’s very easy and fun to make this recipe. Lemon water is an excellent antioxidant, and are great source of Vitamin c and minerals. Lemon is also a taste enhancer.

Lemons are easily available and are very affordable.

So now I’ll tell you the recipe of “Tangy minty Lemonade”.

Ingredient needed :

• 2 glass water (500 ml) Water
• 3 tablespoon sugar
• 2 fresh lemon
• Small bunch of mint leaves
• 1 tablespoon salt
• Pinch of Black pepper
• Ginger ( very small in amount)
• Cucumber for garnishing
• 3-4 Ice cubes

Preparation method:

• Take a big Jar, Add 2 glass of normal drinking water,
Add 3 tablespoon sugar, mix well till sugar gets dissolves.
• Then add small amount of graded ginger, it will give a tangy
taste to the drink.
Add salt, black salt, black pepper as per taste.
• Then take few mint leaves and make a paste of it, and add it in
jar. Then add lemon juice extracted from that 2 lemons.
Then you can give a nice blend to the juice in mixer and strain
the drink.
• Take cucumber, cut a thin rectangular slice out of it, put it in
glass, it will look beautiful.
•Then add that juice in 2 glasses, add ice cubes.
The tangy minty lemonade is ready to serve.


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