5 Pair of shoes every women should have in their wardrobe

Footwear women loves

When I was in my school time, my neighbour cleaned out her wardrobe and gave me about 20 pairs of different shoes in all varieties and colors. I felt like such a real lady with a big closet full of shoes, but with a ton of shoes in the exact same style, I might as well have had only one pair. I still didn’t have any decent dress shoes, or sneakers, or casual shoes pretty much just rubber flip-flops. So, here is the list below that include footwear women loves. And I know a ton of women need this because there are many womens who struggle with the same problem.

So today let’s talk about five pairs of footwear that woman loves and must have in her wardrobe.


They are a mom’s best friend because you can wear them with jeans, skirts, shorts, and dresses, all the while looking put together and feminine. They’re also great for running errands, playing with your kids. Or if you’re a working woman, they’re a great option for the office when your feet need a rest from heels. They can still look professional and put together, but are much more comfy. They are absolutely an essential for every woman’s closet.
Give comfort to feet .
If you’re buying your first pair, go for something semi-neutral, like black, gray, a thin stripe, or a delicate leopard print. Choose colors or designs that will go with everything and can be dressed up or down. Also, choose a classic shape like an almond toe (rather than the more trendy super rounded toe) since it will last you a long time.


These have become so trendy in the last few years and are such a great option for a casual shoe. They are much better than the beat up athletic sneaker and are just as comfy! There are so many good ones out there, but I love a fun patterned or colourful pair and love wearing them with jeans, shorts, leggings, and even casual clothes. They are great week day and weekend shoes or even super casual date night shoes. They’re an essential for every woman’s closet.


Okay, you cannot be a lady without a pair of classic pumps. They are the best versatile shoe in the entire world and are great for church, work, parties. You name it. I have black and nude pairs and both go with all Attire, so select the best color you like more.


Throughout the fall and winter months, boots are an important. Knee high boots are a classic, but ankle boots and over-the-knee boots have also become popular in the last few years and are a great alternate (although they will possibly look dated in a few years just a warning). The most classic pair of knee high boots is the riding boot a tiny stacked heel, straight shaft, and two at the ankle. As far as ankle boots go, they come in every variety possible and are my very favourite to wear all the time.


I know its winter time right now, but sandals are an important to every closet. You’re permitted one pair of rubber flip-flops, but you need a pair of nice sandals in addition to the flip-flops. Choose a pair that can be dressed up or down and that looks decent with shorts, dresses, jeans, and skirts. Enjoy your summer with sandals rather than other options.


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